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Drei Farben House — Sensing You (incl. Agnès / Ekkohaus remixes) [brut! 04]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Drei Farben House — Sensing You (6:43)
2. Drei Farben House — Sensing You (Ekkohaus remix) (5:50)
3. Drei Farben House — Sensing You (Agnès 3 Colours and Green remix) (6:46)
4. Drei Farben House — Menswear (6:40)

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Drei Farben House is back on brut! after his recent delightful release on Kupei, again with two highly emotional tracks. The first one, Sensing You is Drei Farben House’s darkest hour, a reduced bleepy house hybrid affair with cinematic vocals in black and white. Then follows Ekkohaus with a strong remix with acidic hints that builds around a monolithic fm bass whilst mantaining the funk you expect from the man.

On the flip side comes Agnes‘ 3 colours and green rework, possibly Agnes most indiosyncratic remix to date. A work that will surprise even his most devoted followers. Closing the whole is Menswear, a beautiful track featuring Drei Farben House’s signature harmonies.

We’ve gone for a small pressing this time, so vinyl freaks be quick!



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