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Taron-Trekka — Secret Findler (incl. Marcel Dettmann remix) [brut! 05]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Taron-Trekka — Secret Findler (7:02)
2. Taron-Trekka — Secret Findler (Marcel Dettmann remix) (7:13)
3. Taron-Trekka — Trekka’s Mind (8:08)
4. Taron-Trekka — Mutant Gutanto (6:23)

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“I really like brut! 05! Secret Findler and the Dettmann remix are really special. I will play both! Thank you.” Efdemin

“Wow, thanks for sending the ep!!! Marcel Dettmann remix is really amazing and crazy, full support…. This EP is really outstanding.” Joachim Spieth

“Love Secret Findler! Both the original and the Dettmann remix! Keep up the good work and thanks for passing me this release!!” Pär Grindvik

“I just discovered your music on brut! and I love it. I have written a review for URB magazine in the states for their june/ july issue.” Heartthrob

“Nice EP – deep and moody. Marcel’s remix is a cool CR/dubtechno track and the original is very nice too. Keep up the good work.” Zander VT



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