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Pawas & Beume — Rednecks [brut! 07]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Pawas & Beume — Neverdorf (7:56)
2. Pawas & Beume — Vincent (8:59)
3. Pawas & Beume — Rednecks (9:01)
4. Pawas & Beume — Flam (7:15)

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This time, we are introducing Pawas & Beume. Pawas is a familiar face of the last few years, collaborating with Daso on Spectral and Flash, as well as releasing solo on various labels. Martin Beume (aka Golden Red) also has solo releases on Substatic and, the two as Pawas & Beume have released for Adam Kroll’s Squonk, and this time for the first time on Brut!

Rednecks EP is a house affaire, ranging from energetic house-tech to laidback dubby and deep house. Neverdorf is the one for those who can’t sleep, a track to keep you moving. Vincent is a sweaty deep house track, perfect for the late hours. Rednecks is a delicious house track, one you might end up whisteling to. And finally, Flam is a tango inspired dub house with a southern sad swoon.

All 4 tracks come with the distinctive Cologne pop-ish flavour we love at Brut!


“Super EP. I like Neverdorf, Vincent and Flam! Great production and sounds. Will play all 3!”. Dave DK

“HOT! Groovy, dope, smooth, moody, sexy shit. I absolutely love it”. Kris Wadsworth

“Neverdorf, great track. Will play this one out for sure!”. Patrick Bateman

“I like this! Neverdorf is in my playlist!”. Pelle Buys

“Nice EP. My faves are Neverdorf and Vincent!”. Joachim Spieth

“Flam and Rednecks are really good but Neverdorf is with out a doubt my favorite!!!!”. Flip (from Flip & Def Jaguar/Djuma Soundsystem)

plus additional support by: Ekkohaus, Franklin Costa, Paulo Olarte, Taron-Trekka and others.



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