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Ekkohaus — Not Trying To [brut! 09]

Vinyl / digital release

1. Ekkohaus — Not Trying To (6:29)
2. Ekkohaus — First Time (5:34)
3. Ekkohaus — One Too Many (5:44)
4. Ekkohaus — Midnight Shuffle (6:44)

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Brut! is delighted to present the new EP of Ekkohaus, a release we’ve been working for quite a while. During this time, the man has been spoiling other labels such as Morris Audio, Cargo Editions, Liebe*Detail and Circus Company with some great House releases!

On this ocassion he has taken it further. He has chosen the risky path, merging the sounds of Be-bop and Jazz with Techno and House and plunging deeper than he ever did before. Rest assured, floor damage is part of the equation. 😛

Hard work and patience has paid off, and we’d like to think this is Ekkohaus’ most ambitious release to date! Prove us wrong if you can… 😉


Abe Duque: This is one of the best promos I have received in ages. Proper house music! Thanks for sending it to me. If you have any more please do send it!

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibes): SUPER EP! Outstanding production – the jazz elements, the beats….ALL work well! Full support…

Jimpster: Really wicked stuff especially “First Time”. Will be playing a lot.

Brendon Moeller: Sounds like summer! ‘Not Trying To’ and ‘First Time’ are the ones for me.

Trickski: I like it! Sweet and sunny. “Not Trying To” is a great summer tune! I really like the Moodymann-ish vibe in “One Too Many”! It’s my favourite track on this EP. Proper moody style. TOTALLY DOWN MY ALLEY! Will play it for sure!

Till von Sein: Yeah..I love this release! Kostas is doing amazing stuff lately..Thanks for sending.

Milton Jackson: Awesome. I love Ekkohaus and this is no exception. Cheers!

Crowdpleaser: “Not Trying To” is really good. Overall good release, but for me this one stands out. Merci, la bombe! Dans mes prochain charts!

Patrick Bateman: Thanks for this promo. I really like it, and will fit perfectly for the warm-up and summer house sessions!

Pawas: Great EP… Love all the tracks.. “One too many” is a great track.. Well arranged and produced… This EP will live in my box for a while…. Cheers.

Aaron Hedges: I think the EP is great! There is a certain sexiness to these tracks. The groove is very straight and functional but the sampling is super funky and reminiscent of Moodyman. This record will definitely get strong DJ support from me and I can see this getting heavy play from Techno and House DJs alike.

Moodymanc: Great stuff!!! Particularly ‘Not Trying To’ and ‘Midnight Shuffle’ for me…..Thanks!!!

Patrick Zigon: Nice moody tracks!!

Andreas Henneberg: “Not Trying To” is very, very nice. I like that dubby feeling in the drumset. Great!

Flip: Wow, really good EP! Best from Brut! so far….Will play “Not Trying To” a lot this summer. All tracks are good!!!!

Little Fritter: I’m digging the nice and summery vibe!!! Will play for sure…

Fillipo Moscatello: Pretty good! ..Mille grazie.

Pheek: I played and had good feedback. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Basic Soul Unit: I like “Not Trying To”. Thanks for the music.



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