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Reason itself cannot attempt to direct all life, this would mean the end of life as emotion and as surprise. We are unfinished beings. The unfinishedness of life is specially due to the fact that we imagine.

People never have the last word. Perhaps this is the responsability towards the future of the imagination. The imagination frees us from immediate reality and promises something different. It also returns us to something that wanted to be, and makes us see what could have been different.

blues! records is a division of brut! records

blues! 03: Taron-Trekka “Su20gg”
blues! 02: Lump “Back Alley Shuffle”
blues! 01: Taron-Trekka “Arb11 / Soon”

Mastering: Stefan Betke
Pressing: Rand-Muzik
Distribution: Intergroove

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